Recruitment – A Choice Between Internal or External

When it comes to hiring, getting the very best individual who suits the specified position is key. The task is always a daunting one but no business desires investing in individuals who do not deliver. Choice of recruitment procedure is thus key when it comes to selecting quality you aspire in your company.Hiring internally entails selecting individuals who are already employees within the organization. The job advertisement is circulated internally and only applications from the existing employees are reviewed.

This option ensures that the company fills a vacant position with individuals already accustomed to the company’s code of conduct, professionalism and the existing corporate culture.Internal recruitment if done properly reduces costs related to talent acquisition. The company might also avoid other procedures entailed in the recruitment process. These procedures would include: training of new employees, orientation, mentoring and referrals feedback.

On the other hand, external recruitment involves sourcing for totally new employees to fill vacant positions within the organization. Several risks and rewards arise from this option. An example would be; 1. New blood in the organization might stimulate increased innovation,2. Improved output quality and 3. In the long run it might lead to increased market share if the employee is able to attract previous clients to his new employment destination.

The risks involved in external recruitment include; 1. Intense training may be required,2. Individuals may take long before integrating completely into the corporate structure and3. With an almost unknown track record, the individuals may not deliver as expected.

Both choices have their pros and cons as exhibited above. There is thus no single accurate channel to take when deciding between internal and external hiring. A generally accepted practice is to initially opt for internal recruitment. If no ideal candidate exists from within then venturing externally would be a prudent option.